Grateful to join the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame’s Annual Patriotic Awards Luncheon today and help celebrate Arizona’s veterans and active military members, as well as the non-military members and private institutions that support them. Thank you for all you do for us! —Doug Ducey

The AVHOFS was established on 9 October 2007, blending together the unique backgrounds and talents of Veterans who have been recognized for their outstanding efforts and achievements to our communities outside of their military service. The Society’s vision is to be recognized as a leading advocate for Arizona Veterans, military personnel, their families and their survivors. We will accomplish this vision by fostering a bond of friendship and camaraderie among Society members and by focusing our talents toward our common goal of service to our fellow Veterans, communities, state and country. The Society fosters the development of programs which recognize the efforts of public and private individuals and corporations who, by their deeds and actions, have made significant contributions in support of Veterans and their families. The appreciation of Arizona patriots, an unbending advocacy of Arizona Veterans Courts and an enduring dedication to Veteran and Student Scholarships are among the primary activities of the Society.