Suhler, Simon

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Suhler, Simon




Born in Bavaria, Germany in 1844 and enlisted in the 32nd Indiana Regiment (known unofficially as the First Indiana German Regiment) at the outset of the Civil War. The 32nd spoke German and were headed by a former Prussian officer. After his capture and wounding at Shiloh and being furloughed back, he deserted from his unit and served under the name of Simon Neustadle, honorably, the remainder of the Civil War in the 11th Heavy Artillery. He also later served in the 4th New York Heavy Artillery. After the war he joined the 8th Cavalry Regiment under the assumed name Charles Gardner, where he earned the Medal of Honor fighting the Apaches in Arizona. He was awarded the Medal of Honor at the rank of private. After 12 years in the 8th Cavalry he retired at the rank of sergeant. Suhler died in 1895 and was buried at San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.

Medal of Honor Recipient