Ellis, H. Webb

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Ellis, H. Webb




Born in Washington Court House, Ohio, in 1939. Commissioned via Army ROTC at The Ohio State University 1961. Retired in 1992 as Colonel with 30 years Active and Reserve service. Civilian career in club management and realty. Served as chairman, 1975 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Bicentennial Project—the restoration of the Pioneer/Military Cemetery Historical Site. Appointed to the Governor’s Arizona Veterans’ Service Advisory Commission, 2002-2008 (chairman 2004-2007). From 2000-2004, served as vice chairman and chairman, Unified Arizona Veterans (UAV), a consortium of 30+ veterans service organizations for addressing veteran issues. In 2001 he led UAV’s implementation of the Arizona Veterans’ Hall of Fame. He maintains membership in numerous veteran service organizations and continues to advocate for veterans.