Brodie, Alexander

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Brodie, Alexander




(1849-1918) Born in Edwards, New York. Graduated U.S. Military Academy, assigned duty on Arizona frontier. First commander, Arizona National Guard; served with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders in Cuba. Appointed Governor of Arizona by Roosevelt in 1902. Served until 1905. Initiated final stages of statehood with emphasis on the need for teachers, the development of agriculture, and praise for the Arizona Rangers. Pushed for more public buildings, better Indian Schools, a hospital for infirm miners, limited hours for mine workers, and women’s suffrage. Established both a Territorial Board of Health and County Board of Health. Raised taxes to fund expansion of Tempe Normal School and the Territorial Asylum. Fought, and eventually overcame, proposal for joint Arizona statehood with New Mexico. A true pioneer in the establishment of the State of Arizona.