Braun, Father Albert

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Braun, Father Albert




(1889-1993) Priest, Army Chaplain, Prisoner of War, Missionary, Community Builder, Educator. As an Army Chaplain, served with General Pershing in WWI, and in the Philippines during the siege of Bataan and the fall of Corregidor in WWII. Captured and held as prisoner of war for 44 months. Received a Purple Heart and two Silver Stars for his heroic service. Came to Arizona in 1949 and assisted the poor in McNary, Parker on the Colorado River, and St. John’s Indian Mission. As a Franciscan missionary, built four churches and a school in Phoenix while serving the people of the Southwest in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. He was a teacher at St. Mary’s High School. A memorial to Father Braun was dedicated at Wesley Bolin Plaza on March 4, 2001.