Welcome To The Arizona Veterans Hall Of Fame Society

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    Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society awards $9,000 in scholarships to high school and veteran students

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    Representative Jonathan Larkin receives the Copper Shield

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    The inaugural Copper Eagle is awarded to Salt River Project for their support of veterans

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    Mrs. Ginger Brandt receives the Copper Sword award for her husband Mr. Donald Brandt

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    Award recipients and presenters

Arizona Stand Down 2014

stand_downThe Arizona Stand down was held on February 14 -16 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix. The event was organized by members of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society.  It has grown to where 1756 veterans received services this year which included: clothing, food, job assistance, resume writing, computer services, health and mental services, emergency housing, transitional and permanent housing, drivers licenses, court and legal services, showers and haircuts, acupuncture, pet care, aids testing as well as general support and appreciation for their service to their country.

One hundred and fifty private practice and government attorneys along with court personnel provided legal assistance on civil and criminal cases to 937 veterans at the Stand down.  This is another case where veterans are assisting veterans. Read more.