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2016 Copper Sword Recipient

Ms. Patricia George, Esq. is among the strongest advocates of the Veterans Court Project supported by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society. For four years gala-215athe Veterans Court has been implemented throughout the state of Arizona. Ms. George has a goal of participating in the Veterans Court in order to help rehabilitate and restore veterans as active, contributing members of their community. As a judge in the Veterans system, she focuses on veterans who are currently in, or entering, the Criminal Justice System. The court has had 800 participants and over 250 successful program completions in the first two years. Ms. George has been a key contributor in assisting these veterans to become self-respecting and productive citizens.

In 1994 Ms. George received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University and in turn her law degree from the University of Arizona in 2000. Patricia worked in the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office, serving many times as a Domestic Violence Specialist.

Ms. George is to be admired by all veterans for what she has done for us, our communities and our state. She is a true Patriot.

  • The Hon. Kyrsten Sinema, this year's Copper Star Award recipient

  • The color guard posts the colors and the Uptown Angels perform the national anthem

  • High School and Veteran Scholars

  • Reggie Yates presenting Honorable David Gowan with the Copper Shield Award.

  • Gene Rafanelli presenting Ms. Patricia George, Esq. with the Copper Sword Award