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    Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society awards $9,000 in scholarships to high school and veteran students

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    Representative Jonathan Larkin receives the Copper Shield

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    The inaugural Copper Eagle is awarded to Salt River Project for their support of veterans

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    Mrs. Ginger Brandt receives the Copper Sword award for her husband Mr. Donald Brandt

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    Award recipients and presenters

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society Presents Award

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society presented its first AZ-ESGR Exceptional Volunteer of the Year Award – 2014, during the Arizona Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve 2014 Award Recognition Banquet.

Arizona employers nominated for the Department of Defense Freedom Award were honored on April 25th in Tucson. The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society was fortunate to be able to play a small part in this wonderful event. Attendees included close to 200 employers, service men and women, members of veterans service organizations, AZ ESGR Volunteers and family and friends.

All had gathered to recognize some of our most Patriotic employers as they received a series of awards, but especially to support Arizona's two 2014 Freedom Award finalists, Arizona Public Service (APS) and Centerline Mechanical LLC. Awards presenters included MG (ret) Paul Mock, Chairman of the National ESGR, BG Ted Maxwell, AZANG and Tim Williamson, Chairman of AZ-ESGR.

51 Arizona employers were among the 2,864 employers nominated nationally, which was reduced to 162 Semi-Finalist a few months ago. Today, APS and Centerline Mechanical are still competitive and currently rank among the 30 finalist in the nation. The final 15 winners will be announced in mid-June.

In addition to the employer awards, 2 ESGR volunteers received recognition for a lifetime of service, and two others were named respectively as the Military Outreach and Ombudsman Volunteer of the Year.

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society was privileged to participate in the festivities as AVHOFS Director Gary Fredricks presented the final recognition award of the evening to Mrs. Rebecca Elliot. She received the AVHOFS Exceptional Arizona Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Volunteer of the Year for 2013 award. Her proven record and reputation for decisive action, diligence, and issue resolution is second to none. Rebecca is the Director of AZ-ESGR Ombudsman and a member of the national Ombudsman Advisory Committee.