Rehnquist, William

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Rehnquist, William




(1924-2005) Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924. Entered Kenyon College in 1942, but left to join the U.S. Army Air Force in 1943. Served in meteorology programs ending with weather observer in North Africa, discharged in 1946. Utilizing the G.I. Bill, graduated Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science; received a Master’s Degree in Government from Harvard; received Law Degree from Stanford in 1950 along with classmate Sandra Day O’Connor. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1953 and began participating in the Republican Party. Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in 1971 replacing John Marshall Harlan, he opposed the liberal majority on many occasions. As Chief Justice from 1986 until his death, he won the respect of his colleagues through his efficient management of court affairs. He passed away in 2005.