Hessler, Thomas (Tom)

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Hessler, Thomas (Tom)




Born in Cincinnati in ’37. Commissioned in the U.S. Army in ’59, served in Vietnam, retired as Colonel in ’85. More than 20 yrs of public service including two four-year terms as Sierra Vista Mayor. Recipient of the Association of Defense Communities (ADC) Community Leadership Award.
Past Significant Positions:
…Mayor of Sierra Vista (two terms)
…Charter Mbr: Fort Huachuca 50
…Past Pres: Armed Forces Communication & Electronics Assoc. Southern AZ Chap.
…Co-founder: Joint Service Clubs of Greater Sierra Vista (a coalition of over fifty clubs and organizations).
…Past Mbr: AUSA National Resolutions Committee
…Charter Mbr: Governor’s Military Affairs Commission
…Past Pres (twice): MOAA (akaTROA) Coronado Chap.
Current Active Positions:
…Pres: AUSA Fort Huachuca-Sierra Vista Chap.
…Pres & Co-Founder: Joint Service Clubs of Greater Sierra Vista
…VP: MOAA Coronado Chap.