Maxon, Richard (Greg)

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Maxon, Richard (Greg)




R. Gregg Maxon was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1953. He served in the United States Navy and the United States Army, retiring as a Brigadier General, Arizona Army National Guard. Gregg is a passionate advocate for all veterans. He persistently pursues fair and just outcomes on legal matters involving military members and their families. In 2008, Gregg, an Attorney at Law, began working with others to establish a veteran’s treatment court in Maricopa County, and he was part of the team who briefed the Board of Governors, Arizona State Bar, regarding the need for legal services for veterans, and their families. The State Bar subsequently established the Military Legal Assistance Committee, which Gregg now chairs. Later he collaborated to establish Arizona’s first law school clinic specifically designed to serve our veterans. That clinic is now operational and the first Veterans Court Treatment session was conducted earlier this year.