Gowin, Roland

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Gowin, Roland




(1931-2011) Entered the U.S. Army in 1931 and trained in communications. Spent nine years as radio operator for the U.S. Embassy in Tensi, China. Transferred at his request to USAF for WWII. Known as one of the “Flying Sergeants,” Master Sergeant Gowin flew missions carrying mail one way and litter cases back to the States. Was stationed in Alaska (before statehood) as communications engineer, often traveling with dog teams to Eskimo villages teaching the Natives how to use the communications equipment. His military career was cut short in 1952 when his earphones exploded. Although fitted with hearing aids to allow some hearing, he was medically discharged with full disability pension. Served; 26 years as DAV Service Officer. Moved to Kingman: AZ, in 1989, where he became active in Chapter 10, Kingman DAV, and the American Legion. Continues to serve in leadership positions of both.