Bohach, Robert (Bo)

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Bohach, Robert (Bo)




Born in River Rouge, Michigan in 1933. Retired in 1973 with 20 years’ service in U.S. Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force. Contributions to his fellow man began with support of orphanages in Korea and Germany; Sunday School picnics in Guam; Volksmarch for the Berlin Airlift in Germany. Participates annually in “Toys for Tots” programs; cookouts at Phoenix and Prescott VA Medical Centers; and activities associated with the Arizona State Veteran Home. Spends countless hours visiting with school children, senior citizens, and Junior ROTC programs relating his experiences in the military and letting them touch and “experience” his military memorabilia. In 2002, awarded Distinguished Citizens Award and gold medal by Commandant of Congressionally-chartered Marine Corps League. Serves as military advisor to Arizona State Capitol Museum and as chaplain/sergeant-at-arms to Unified Arizona Veterans. Remains active in myriad veterans’ organizations and activities.