Martinez, Peter

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Martinez, Peter




(1932-2015) Born in El Paso, Texas, in 1932.  Enlisted, USAF, in 1951, Korea/Vietnam veteran.  Master Sergeant, Retired, 1976.  Graduate, Florida State University.  Sales, industrial relations, and federal civil service.  Member of many civic, social, fraternal and patriotic organizations.  Participates in numerous fund raising events/community projects that provide food to the needy, assistance to senior citizens and the physically challenged, junior golfers, and hospitalized/homeless veterans.  Volunteer English tutor to foreign students.  Member, AZ Dept of Education Emeritus Program.  Member, Governor’s Task Force on veterans affairs.  Supported VA medical centers in Prescott and Phoenix, received 400 hour volunteer pin.  Volunteered at Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 2, Military Lounge.  Member, VFW and KWVA; former State Commander, AZ KWVA.  AZ Commanding Officer, National Defense Force Service Command, responsible for organizing/maintaining a state-wide organization of volunteers.