Varona, Marcelino

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Varona, Marcelino




(1910-2000) Born in Nogales, Mexico. Served in U.S. Army. Began displaying, in 1947 on both sides of the border, his special skill of organizing events and inspiring people to give to charity, by providing artificial limbs for two boys and food for 14,000 people and clothing, shoes and candy for 700 kids. Recognized by the Nogales Daily Herald as a Santa Claus of Nogales. Served as liaison between the American Legion of Nogales, Arizona, and the Junta Patriotica of Nogales, Sonora. Organized numerous fund raising events to benefit the March of Dimes specifically and to benefit anyone in need generally. Served as alderman in Nogales City Council and member of Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors. His benevolent acts and community service continued throughout his life until his death in March, 2000.