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Pimple, Leo




Leo J. Pimple was born in Fleming, Colorado in1937. He retired in 1982 from the United States Army as a Sergeant Major. He has researched, acquired and presented many awards and decorations to veterans who had not been properly recognized for their service. Leo also chaired the committee, which raised over $100,000to establish the Carillon bell tower at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery, which was dedicated on Memorial Day 2010. He is a principal coordinator of veteran’s organizations for Veterans Day Parades in Sierra Vista and is also the State Judge Advocate for American Veterans, AMVETS where he provides counsel to each of their chapters. Leo also served as their State Department Inspector General from 1993 to 2002.He is extremely active, and finds himself coordinating with veterans and their families to promote and preserve veteran’s rights and affairs on an almost daily basis.