Begaye, Kelsey A.

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Begaye, Kelsey A.




Born in Kaibeto, Arizona in 1951.  Served as Specialist 4th US Army, Radio Operator, with service in Vietnam.  Counselor with the Navajo Nation Division of Health, Department of Behavioral Health Services, Kaibeto Outpatient Treatment Center.  He counsels clients battling substance abuse for over 30 years.  Concurrently, he has served over 25 years as a local and executive school board member, local Kaibeto Chapter secretary/treasurer, Kaibeto Chapter president, and a legislator in the Navajo Nation Council.  Served as Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council for two terms.  In 1999, he was elected President of the Navajo Nation, serving until 2003.  During his time off, he provides counseling to young adults to refrain from alcohol and other substance abuse, and visits incarcerated individuals.  He provides music to many veterans functions.