Chase, John L. (Jack)

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Chase, John L. (Jack)




Born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1942, John “Jack” Chase is a sixth generation Navy sailor who served as a boatswain’s mate for six years, after which he served in the Navy Reserve until retirement. After graduating law school in Iowa, Jack started a demolition and construction company, and upon relocating to Arizona, established a pest control business. Although not a practicing lawyer, Jack applied his knowledge of the law to represent 37 veterans in legal proceedings, donating many volunteer hours. Jack provides cases of water, food, clothing, backpacks, and kitchen appliances, often with his own funds, to MANA (Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force) House, and the Outreach Center for Homeless Veterans, Phoenix. He also supports the Maricopa County StandDown by transporting truckloads of items wherever needed. Jack Chase’s life reflects his tireless support of the veteran community.