Barr, Burton

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Barr, Burton




(1917 – 1997) Born in Portland, Oregon. Resident of Arizona from 1951 until his death. Served in the U.S. Army from 1940 until being discharged from active duty in 1946 after a year’s hospitalization for hepatitis. Remained in the Army Reserve, attaining the rank of colonel, until 1964. Awarded two silver stars for heroism in battle in North Africa, Anzio, Cassino, southern France, Germany, and Austria, but preferred to talk about three Medal of Honor recipients he commanded. One was Audie Murphy. Elected to Arizona legislature in 1965 on campaign of fiscal responsibility and leadership. Promoted to House Majority Leader of the 28th Legislature in 1967. Served longer (20 years) as a legislative leader than anyone in state history and achieved a legendary status as an indefatigable floor general not likely to ever be equaled in an era of term limits. Over those two decades, every major legislative measure carried his fingerprints. Some considered him the most significant figure in Arizona history.