Jones, Andrew R.

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Jones, Andrew R.




Born in Poway, California in 1981, Andrew Jones is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, 1st Marine Division, Operation Iraqi Freedom, including the Shock & Awe Campaign of 2003. Back home, he struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, nightmares, anxiety attacks, fits of rage, and major depression; and experienced homelessness, alcoholism, jail time, divorce, loss of custody of his children, and suicidal behavior.  The day came when he chose Life and began moving forward with a Marine Corps mentality of motivation and a commitment to never surrender.  Andrew Jones now serves with the nonprofit organization The Ripple Effect – Helping Veterans and Families Heal, sharing his passion for life to bring hope, while presenting military principles and training to achieve overall success through workshops, motivational talks and a Veteran Leadership Unit where he trains other veterans to serve as mentors.