2011 Inductees


  • Edgmon, James (Jim)

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    James “Jim” D. Edgmon was born in Bakersfield, California in 1940. He was a Private First Class, US Army; and a Vietnam Era Veteran. A Teamster by trade, he volunteered to deliver a stranded box t

  • Farrell, Rance

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    (1943-2014) Rance Farrell was born in Pennsylvania in 1943.He received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated with the Class of 1966. He retired as a US Army

  • Gent, Terrie

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    Terrie M. Gent was born in Barberton, Ohio in1952. She is Colonel, Judge Advocate General Corps, United States Air Force, retired. Prior to retirement, she served as appellate judge, US Air Force Cour

  • Griffiths, Lawn

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    Lawn R. Griffiths was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1946. He served in the Peace Corps and in the United States Army before attaining several degrees in journalism. Since leaving the East Valley Tribune

  • Hoffman, Thelma

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    (1922-2015) Thelma B. Hoffman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1922. She was a Corporal, US Army, Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, World War II, with service as a motor pool inspector. After moving to Ari

  • Jones, Arthur (Casey)

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    Arthur M. “Casey” Jones was born in Columbus, Kansas in 1938. He served in the United States Army Signal Corps and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with twenty-two years of service. Casey is highly

  • Kohlhoff, Karl

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    Karl F. Kohlhoff was born in Tucson, Arizona in1934. He is Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve, Retired.  Former Assistant Utilities Manager with the City of Mesa, he is still active in the Civil Engineering

  • Maxon, Richard (Greg)

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    R. Gregg Maxon was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1953. He served in the United States Navy and the United States Army, retiring as a Brigadier General, Arizona Army National Guard. Gregg is a passio

  • McKim, Larry

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    Larry E. McKim was born in Portland, Oregon in1943. He is First Sergeant, US Army, Retired, and a former Corrections Officer, Nevada Department of Prisons. He is a longtime member and former Chairman,

  • Meegan, George

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    George B. Meegan was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1937. He is a Captain, United States Marine Corps, retired. George dedicates his time to patriotism and youth. He established the Chandler Mu

  • Neuheisel, Richard (Dick)

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    Richard G. “Dick” Neuheisel was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 1936. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and its College of Law. He served as Captain, Judge Advocate Corps, US Army, an

  • Pimple, Leo

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    Leo J. Pimple was born in Fleming, Colorado in1937. He retired in 1982 from the United States Army as a Sergeant Major. He has researched, acquired and presented many awards and decorations to veteran

  • Robbins, Nat

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    (1921-2015) Nat P. Robbins was born in Brooklyn, NY in1921. He was a Corporal in the US Army, WWII Europe. He participated in four campaigns and in the Army of Occupation in Germany. He served as Comm

  • Sahno, William (Bill)

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    William “Bill” Sahno was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1939. He retired as a Colonel, United States Marine Corps and an avid volunteer who spends his time and energy sharing information regarding

  • Schabacker, Joseph

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    (1919 - 2011) Joseph C. Schabacker was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in1919. He retired from the US Marine Corps as a Colonel, in 1975. He was the former Vice President, Arizona State University;

  • Wojtas, Jerome (Jerry)

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    Jerome “Jerry” R. Wojtas was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1934. He enlisted into the Army Reserves, served on active duty with the Army Corps of Engineers and retired as a Colonel. Jerry was the W

  • Yamanouchi, Kenneth (Ken)

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    Kenneth K. Yamanouchi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1939. He is Colonel, Medical Service Corps, United States Army, Retired, with a career in healthcare management and Life Fellow of the American Colleg