2006 Inductees


  • Ambrose, Constantine

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    (1937-2010) Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1937. Entered the U.S. Marine Corps in 1955, two tours in Vietnam, attained the rank of E-7, CWO4 and retired with rank of Captain. Assigned to Marine Cor

  • Bockman, James

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    Born in Pontiac, Michigan in 1930. Entered U.S. Army in 1947 and retired in 1968 with the rank of Sergeant Major. In 1972 he drew plans, recruited volunteers, and constructed a new home for a family t

  • Colson, Richard

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    (1931-2010) Born in Tucson, Arizona 1931. Enlisted in Arizona Air National Guard in 1949. Transferred to 158th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, “Bushmasters,” Army National Guard. Retired in 1983

  • Cushing, George

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    Born in Rockingham, Vermont in 1940. Entered the U.S. Army in 1960, served in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, discharged 1963. Joined US Air Force and retired as Senior Master Sergeant, after 23 year

  • Gentry, Donnell

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    (1928-2010) Born in Myton, Utah in 1928. Entered U.S. Army 1950, served in Korea, discharged 1953. Employed by U.S. Internal Revenue for 30 years. Relocated to Arizona in 1983. Past Department Command

  • Grone, James (Jim)

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    Born in Ironton, Ohio in 1945, relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1947. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966, served in Vietnam, discharged 1969. Received his commercial pilot’s license in 1970. Worked a

  • Kirmse, George (GR)

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    Born in New York City, New York in 1927. Entered the U.S. Navy in 1945 and served as a Hospital Corpsman. Following discharge in 1947, he graduated from Fordham University and completed ROTC. He was c

  • Kosisky, Richard

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    (1934-2001) Born in Pittston, Pennsylvania in 1934, raised in Maryland. Entered the U.S. Army at age 17, served and was wounded in Korea. Following his discharge, went to work for the federal governme

  • Piotrowski, Mary Ellen

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    (1930-2006) Born in Pepperell Massachusetts in 1930. Enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1950, served as a Yeoman to Admiral Hyman Rickover; discharged in 1952. Raised seven children and had a career at the

  • Rehnquist, William

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    (1924-2005) Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924. Entered Kenyon College in 1942, but left to join the U.S. Army Air Force in 1943. Served in meteorology programs ending with weather observer in North

  • Schmidt, Walter

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    (1930-2016) Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1930. Enlisted U.S. Army in 1947, trained as mechanic and welder, tested and accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Graduated and commissioned in

  • Seidl, James (Jim)

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    Born in Blue Island, Illinois in 1919. Enlisted U.S. Coast Guard in 1941, completed flight training for reconnaissance and rescue missions. Completed helicopter training in 1953. Retired in 1971 with

  • Shannon, Douglas (Doug)

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    (1930-2013) Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1930. Entered U.S. Army in 1957. Served 23 years in military law enforcement, received Silver Star in Vietnam, retired 1981 with rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

  • Shaw, Park

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    (1923-2016) Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1923. Attended U.S. Army Infantry OCS, commissioned in 1943. Served in Pacific Theater in WW II, discharged in 1946; served in active Army Reserve unti

  • Sigholtz, Robert

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    (1919-2005) Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1919. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942. Served as a paratrooper and combat infantry through WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. Retired with the rank of Colon

  • Stephens, Billie

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    (1926-2014) Born in Comanche, Texas in 1926. Entered U.S. Army in 1944, served in Pacific Theater, discharged in 1946. Earned a Master's Degree from Arizona State University and returned to active dut

  • Suardini, John

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    (1931 – 2007) Born in Princeton, Michigan. Enlisted in U.S. Army in 1949, wounded in Korea and discharged in 1951. Involved in Special Olympics; recognized by Paralyzed Veterans of America for help

  • Timmons, George

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    (1932-2009) Born in Magnolia, Maryland in 1932. Enlisted U.S. Army 1949; served in Korea and Vietnam; discharged active service in 1971 with the rank of Master Sergeant; served in U.S. Army (Ready) Re

  • Untz, Ralph

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    (1915-2008) Born in West Brooklyn, Illinois in 1915. Entered U.S. Army in 1941, served in the Pacific Theater, discharged in 1945. Moved to Prescott Valley, Arizona in 1981 a nd became active in St. G