Century Club Donation

lampThe Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society created the Student Scholarship Program in 2006, to recognize high school students who volunteer their time on the behalf of our veterans. The students we honor are young patriots; they have performed in excess of 500 hours of work at our Veterans Administration facilities and have consistently maintained strong grade-point averages in pursuit of high learning. In 2012, the Society expanded the Scholarship program and formally partnered with the nationally recognized Veterans Heritage Project. Today, students representing 15 schools are working with hundreds of veterans.  Their scholastic endeavors are complemented by learning history directly from those who served. Each student is diligently capturing our veterans’ individual stories and preserving them for all time in the United States Library of Congress. Each year the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society presents these scholarships at our annual Patriotic Gala held in February. In order to continue the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society’s Scholarship Program, we ask the members of the Society consider making a donating towards these scholarships.

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