Welcome Letter from the President

hesslerWelcome to the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society (AVHOFS) website.

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame (AVHOF) is a program initiated in 2001 by the Unified Arizona Veterans (UAV) to recognize Arizona Veterans who have served honorably in our armed forces.  Those that continue to serve their communities and fellow Veterans, after their service in the military, are considered for induction into the AVHOF by way of nominations.  Through a vigorous selection process the UAV annually submits twenty plus recommended inductees to the Governor for approval.  Medal of Honor recipients from Arizona are automatically inducted.

The Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society (Society) was formed in 2007 to focus on supporting Arizona Veterans.  Upon induction, all inductees automatically become members of the Society.  There are no dues attached to being a member.

The mission of the Society is to preserve and perpetuate the traditions of the American military and all who served in it, to undertake charitable and other projects at the state and local levels and to work with Veteran organizations in the attainment of Society objectives and to promote and encourage responsible citizenship among all Americans.  Emphasis is placed on supporting Society members.

The Society is an advocate for a variety patriotic Veteran causes.  To achieve these objectives, the Society participates in several programs and projects which include:

Induction Ceremony.  A very impressive Induction Ceremony, and luncheon, is held yearly on the last Friday of October.  This is a UAV event with the full support and participation of the Society.  This along with the Patriotic Gala, described next, are two annual premiere events.  Either the Governor or the Secretary of State attends to present the AVHOF medallion, with ribbon, to each inductee.

Patriotic Gala.  The annual Patriotic Gala is the Society’s premiere event.  Both the UVC and the Society present their “Copper Awards” at this festive event, usually held in the spring.

  • The Society’s Copper Sword award is presented to an exceptional patriot who did not serve in the military, but distinguished themself for their support of Veterans. The Copper Eagle is presented to a private or public organization that warrants recognition for exceptional service to Veterans.  Copper Lamp of Knowledge Scholarships go to worthy high school students that have volunteered to work at a VA facility, and to discharged Veterans attending institutions of higher learning.  A description of these awards can be found on this website under the “Events” tab.
  • The UAV awards their Copper Shield to an Arizona State Legislator who has sponsored or cosponsored significant legislation that benefits our Veterans.  Their Copper Star award acknowledges a public department, agency or organization that gives significant support of our Veterans.  More information is on their website www.azuav.org.

Other Programs.  Currently, the major ongoing program of the Society is its support of the state’s Veterans Court system.  The Society also participates and supports other events such as Stand Downs, Veterans Booth at the State Fair, Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will learn more about our Veterans who served their country and continue to serve their communities and fellow Veterans.

Thomas J. Hessler
President, AVHOFS
Class of 2007